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Aspire's Values

Creating Communities for us means creating a supportive space where individuals with shared interests and values come together. It's about building connections to strengthen relationships and collaborate toward common goals. Our community is inclusive, celebrating diverse stories and sparking creativity. It's a place where compassion is central, providing support during challenging times. We aim to cultivate a sense of belonging and shared joy, emphasising the importance of the journey we take together over the end result. This community is where confidence grows, empowering each member and every volunteer to be themselves and discover their untapped potential.

Returning to Practice: My Journey

Aspire's founder and Occupational Therapist, Susanna is featured in an article published by the Health and Care Professions Council. In it she shares her journey and how she came to run Aspire Creating Communities as an Occupational Therapist. 

Susanna overcame long-term challenges including depression, anxiety and underconfidence to return to the HCPC Register in 2019. 

"I find tremendous joy in using my occupational therapy expertise to underpin and guide everything we do at Aspire."
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