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Aspire's Values

Creating Communities for us means creating a supportive space where individuals with shared interests and values come together. It's about building connections to strengthen relationships and collaborate toward common goals. Our community is inclusive, celebrating diverse stories and sparking creativity. It's a place where compassion is central, providing support during challenging times. We aim to cultivate a sense of belonging and shared joy, emphasising the importance of the journey we take together over the end result. This community is where confidence grows, empowering each member and every volunteer to be themselves and discover their untapped potential.


Aspire is a safe space for you to express yourself, to try something new, to share your own creativity. We always aim for activities to be meaningful to each person. Each person that is part of Aspire brings their own unique life story, character and spark - the joy of creativity is growing and sharing life together. Aspire is founded on the principles of Occupational Therapy - creativity and doing something with our hands and minds, in good company, improving our mental health, well being and sense of fun! 


Aspire prides itself on being a space to forge new friendships, to strengthen our communities, to bring people together from many walks of life. Connection is key - we bring our groups together annually so you know you are part of the wider Aspire family. Connection and collaboration are the only way we work. We partner with many other organisations to support local businesses and share our journey, and we partner with you to help you get the best out of Aspire. 


The attitude and language of openness, kindness and being non-judgemental is how we all get the best out of Aspire. This applies to staff, students, trustees, volunteers, members, visitors and anyone else who enters a session. It needs to be a safe space to be yourself and to know that we meet you where you are at. If you are going through a difficult time, we will accept you and walk with you through it. Your feelings are valid. We care if you are struggling in some way and we will always do our best to support you or help you find the right support. We recognise that life can bring sadness, illness, bereavement, anxiety and stress to name a few. We are with you. 


Aspire is a space for joy! We want to celebrate the small things as well as the big things, and find joy and laughter in each step we take together. The journey together is far more important than the finished product. We celebrate friendships, creativity and depth of relationship as we grow together both in our weekly groups and in our annual Aspire celebration event across Kirklees. 


Aspire is a safe space for you to be you. Aspire is your space, and we want you to know you belong. Many people have been told “you’re no good at….”, or “you’ll never be able to…”. We want you to know that you CAN do it! We’re alongside you as you become part of the Aspire community - it is always our aim that you make your own decisions, grow in confidence, and find that you are able to do and be far more than you imagined! 

Our pledge to you

Aspire belongs to you, and if we can do better, we will always try. It is always our priority to safeguard these values and problem solve if something is not working. It is the session leader’s responsibility to facilitate a safe and fun environment for all. We take safeguarding every person’s safety and wellbeing very seriously - if you need to tell us something it will be kept confidential, unless you disclose a significant risk of harm to yourself or others. 

If you ever believe that there is something or someone that makes you feel undermined or unsafe at Aspire, please, please talk to your session leader, or call Susanna (CEO) on 07542771518 for a chat. 

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