The Aspire Team


Susanna - CEO & Founder

I’m Susanna, and I’m proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of Aspire! I’m a registered Occupational Therapist, with over eighteen years experience working with adults over 55 in care homes, mental health services, volunteer work, and the NHS.


I work in partnership with many innovative local organisations, and with such a creative and like-minded team of staff and volunteers. This is my dream job! From a very young age, I was inspired to care deeply about the lives and stories of people a good few decades older than me. Listening and learning from people, and connecting with them, is the beating heart of what we do. I hate labels, stereotypes and assumptions that box people in, that make an individual feel undervalued, or that their story is somehow of little worth. People are people, no matter how old! 


My dream is that many more Aspire communities will spring up across Kirklees and beyond - places where people can have fun, try something new, and forge lasting friendships. We aim to deliver an exceptional quality of service, shifting cultures and attitudes, and working hard to see people’s lives change through purpose, connection and loving our communities.  


Hi, I'm Stella and I volunteered with Susanna at St John's Aspire in Birkby when it first started in 2015. I now work for Aspire running groups in Ashbrow and Dalton, and I cover some outreach work. I love the variety of people I get to know through Aspire - it's a real privilege to be involved in their lives in a small way. Aspire also brings out the best of my creative side as I love painting and crafting in my spare time. I work with a great team of staff and volunteers too - it's like family. 

Stella - Session Leader

I'm Rebekah, I have been working with Aspire for over two years, before this I worked with Talkthru in Huddersfield and as a freelance Landscape Designer. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Aspire and Session Leader for the groups at Crosland Moor and Birkby Croft. I love to encourage others and facilitate community. It is such a privilege to work with both the Aspire members and the amazing volunteers who offer their time and skills.


Rebekah - Volunteer Coordinator & Session Leader


Hi, Lucy here.  My relationship with Aspire started when I began volunteering with them in early lockdown.  I then went back to resume my studies as an Occupational Therapist at Salford and was lucky enough to come back again on my practical placement.  I am now a fully qualified Occupational Therapist and am the Session Leader for the Almondbury group

Lucy - Session Leader


Hello I'm Liz, I joined Aspire in 2020. Susanna says I am half her brain!  What I actually do is to provide the admin support for Aspire so that she can concentrate the million of other things she needs to do.  I have been really excited to see the sessions opening up again and loved the feedback we get from the people that attend.  It's good to know that Aspire makes a difference to people's lives

Liz - Aspire Administrator