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"I never knew all this care was available. A simple phone call makes a difference to me . Its a massive booster to talk to someone who cares.

The bags keep my mind going and make time pass by, I look at a picture I have coloured and think I don't normally do that."

"I was just looking through all of my Aspire things to choose something to do. There are so many nice things to choose from. I was feeling fed up with the news. It takes my mind off things."

"You have certainly made the most of the situation we all found ourselves in and it is great to see the fabulous outcomes you have achieved.

So many residents now feel supported. The situation could well have been very different had you and your team not provided the craft packs and befriending support."

Quote from Fiona Murfin,

manager of Community Plus, Kirklees Council

Watch the videos below to find out how Aspire helps the mental health of those it supports.