About Aspire

Our history and future

Aspire's heart is to build community amongst people over 55, to support the most vulnerable, to make lives more fun and continue to build skills and confidence throughout life.

Our beginnings


Aspire started in 2015 at St John's Church, Birkby as a way to build community in the area. The group grew and grew and became a regular part of many people's lives. Since then we have partnered with more community groups across Kirklees, including another group in Birkby Croft and groups in Crosland Moor, Newsome, Dalton, Almondbury and Ashbrow becoming a charity in December 2019.


Since the start we have always been dedicated to delivering high quality activities and resources. We have brought community artists, poets, musicians, story tellers, historians, exercise coaches and more to each of these different communities.


Our vision


We want to celebrate friendships being made and connections with communities forged with our beneficiaries. We want see loneliness end and will work with others to make this happen.

Your health is at the heart of what we do

We are an Occupational Therapy led charity with a specialist interest in meaningful activity that makes a difference in people's everyday lives. 



We have a commitment to resource our programmes well

Relationship centred

We care about every individual. We really see how everyone is unique, and so the little things such as how you like your cup-of-tea matters.


Our programme is about the journey we enjoy together, not the activity we do. When things go well, we celebrate together, and when they don't, we laugh together.

Working together

Our programme is co-produced by our beneficiaries and working with our partners is essential for us.