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Volunteer Voices - Pamela Stevens

When did you begin volunteering with Aspire?

I started volunteering with Aspire shortly after it began at St John’s Birkby in 2015. How did you hear about Aspire? I heard about Aspire through Susanna and was interested in what she was doing. I am blessed with good health and felt this was a way I could give back to the community and maybe make a difference.

What is your role as an Aspire Volunteer at the moment (what have you been doing)?

I have been a volunteer at three of the Aspire groups and currently am involved in the group at Birkby St Johns in Greenhead. I love making people comfortable and talking with the members of the groups. I’m happy to respond to whatever needs to be done whether that be helping with crafts or making cups of tea. We often laugh together, especially when my memory fails and I can’t remember the orders of who wants tea and who wants coffee.

What do you like about Aspire & the work that it does as a charity?

I love the fact that we work as a team. There is the opportunity to meet people and build relationships with those who come to the sessions. I have learned a lot of the principles of Occupational Therapy along the way. There is satisfaction in being able to connect with others no matter.

Can you offer any words of encouragement for those looking to begin working as an Aspire Volunteer?

The sessions are well run with a lot of laughter and fun. I always come away with the feeling that I have been able to help someone in some small way.


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